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Reach Your Clients from Anywhere | Online Training

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

My son has always wanted to be a professional athlete, but the best coach lives thousands of miles away.

I suggested he uploaded his game videos for the coach to watch and give feedback on how he can improve and it’s been great. From having a mentor online and accessible, it’s allowed my son to improve at his defence, shooting and ball handling from the tips and tricks he’s been given. This inspired us to add a new video uploading feature to Accelerware.

We’ve all had instances where it’s been hard to understand what people are trying to explain but when we see what the issue is, everything makes more sense.

One example of this may be in the health sector. A patient with a specific knee or back complaint can upload a video to help them point out just where it hurts and what movement causes the pain.

This accessibility will allow professionals to watch videos to advise their clients, determining whether or not they’re in need of further consultations; not only saving them time but also keeping their customers happy.

2020, The Year of Online Platforms

As online platforms are becoming more and more prevalent this year, any business that wants to be accessible to all their clients must implement an online aspect.

Through utilising this Client Video Upload feature, you are able to reach more clients and expand your services.

When your clients upload their videos:

· It’s easy for clients to navigate with uploads that are almost instant

· You’ll be notified of clients uploading new videos through email, so no opportunity is missed

· Clients can add notes to their video to put it into context

· You’ll be able to respond to the videos with an easy-to-use comment section

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