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What to consider when changing your logo (We Did!)

When it comes to your business logo, it must be able to reflect your business's mission and vision. Why is this so important? Customers will associate your logo with your services or products.

If your logo is clean and professional, they expect that result in your service. If your purpose is to keep their customer's private information safe and secure, your logo needs to reflect that.

We decided to change our logo as the previous one didn't reflect the purpose of our mission which is:

"Our mission is to provide an enterprise software to the world which enables people to focus on their own missions. Through automating many day-to-day tasks, Accelerware helps you to focus on doing the things you love at work while providing a premium service to your clients."


In our new logo, the words we wanted to symbolise in the visual were:


  • The mature blue colour represents how Accelerware was first developed in the year 2002 and is still relevant to hundreds of users.

Strength and Security

  • The strong lines in the font depict strength and security. The all capitals in the full logo indicates consistency of service and reliability. 


  • Thinner movement lines located next to the 'A', indicate speed of movement. The changing colours of blue to show how the software can adapt with time. 


  • The letter “A” by itself represents excellence or efficiency in being first.  

The main thing that we focused on when redesigning our logo was making sure that the image symbolises who we are and who we strive to be.

We developed it to resemble our established state as we are becoming more successful everyday. We wanted to represent our achievements and those of the future.

We encourage other businesses to incorporate these ideals into their next re-branding. It encourage a greater sense of clarity and trust with customers.

To our Accelerware customers, thank you for being a part of this new chapter. We are looking forward to this time of greater involvement and growth.

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