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A comprehensive software solution for the management of your facility,
members and workforce.
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Training people. That is what you do. When it comes to training fitness clients and athletes, Accelerware may be the business/ training tool you need.
Scheduling Powerhouse
Managing an entire gym can be time consuming. Conventional software is simply not powerful enough. Accelerware is designed to help you organize your coaches' and athletes' schedules and memberships quickly and efficiently.
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Member Services
Whether you are running an enterprise, gym or a basketball team, Accelerware allows you to keep track of your members. Got a new member? Sign them up. Membership about to expire? Accelerware automatically notifies them.
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Communication Hub
Accelerware makes it easy to manage communication. Our built-in communication hub keeps track of all your emails and even allows you to send text messages to your contacts directly from your desktop.
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Cloud Programs
Accelerware keeps all your clients programs in the cloud. You and your clients will be able to keep track of progress(update/amend) anywhere, any time.
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BespokeTraining & Fitness Programs
Do you have clients that demand fitness and training programs tailored specifically for them? No problem! Accelerware allows you to do just that!
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Keep Track of All Your Equipment, Supplements, etc
Keeping inventory of all your equipment is not an easy, especially if you have a dozen centres to manage. Why not use AccelerWare to record and keep track of them? You'll know what happens to your equipment, when it happens.
Accelerware for Exercise Physiology
Spend your time looking after the people who need you. Give them more than they expect. You can - especially with some smart software. Every possible detail about a client can be accessed from the User window. Within a click or two, you can view, edit or add appointments, consultation notes, programs, invoices, contact details, etc. Not only that, you can send an email, text message or give them a call.
Write Better Programs
Write exercise programs clients can take home and access online. Use the database available of media rich exercises or create your own.
Be Focused
Launch your day and week with this powerful tool. Make, edit and view appointments that generate automatic reminders, invoicing and tasks to complete lists.
Stay In Touch
Get through your paperwork faster! Send consultation letters quickly and easily with templates and smart automatic emails.
You will love how well your clients information is stored and organized for you. Each client will have their own space in which to keep their notes, letters, scans, etc.
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Accelerware for Fitness Clubs
Get the crew on board with an excellent staff calendar, timesheets and reporting features. No one likes the ups and downs. Keep cash flow steady - full steam ahead! Running your fitness centre is time consuming and expensive. Use AccelerWare's business reporting function to get a quick snapshot of the numbers coming in. Be aware of 'slow' periods in your business and develop marketing plans to bring more people in. Automating payments from clients helps a lot, too.
Booking Features
Jump right into it with this powerful calendar! Book individuals or groups into sessions. Invoices and reminders are sent straight-away!
Remind People
Wake them up! Get people motivated and ready with automatic reminders and emails! Reschedule sessions quickly and easily.
Automate Sales
You didn't want a desk job. So, don't have one. The sales process is done for you.
Design & Share
Design individual or group sessions to keep, copy, edit, share and sell. All through your phone, iPad or laptop.
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Accelerware for Sporting Clubs/Organisations

Do you want to simplify the massive job of running a sporting club and actually make money? That is totally possible.  

Accelerware has all of the functions and features you need to streamline every step and every process.  Through automation, this powerful software can perform all tasks more simply, more quickly and with fewer mistakes.  This will make a massive difference to you, your club and your members.


Fill your facility, every day with this online Calendar tool. No more double bookings and improved staff plan. With a link to time sheets, your payroll operations just got easier.


Everyone is super busy. Automatic reminder emails and text messages can alert your staff, coaches, parents and members about games, trainings, special offers and more. 


Stop the head spins with Accelerware's automatic sales process.  This includes an enrolment process that generates invoices and a payment process that applies the payment to each invoice. Done!

Strength and Conditioning
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Store, search and find the details of an individual including parent details, consent forms, enrolments, payments made, invoices owed and much more. This database of info means you can instantly contact 1 person or an entire team, sport, age group, etc.

Accelerware integrates with major accounting software:
Accelerware integrates with Direct Debit Software

Accelerware has been a great addition to my Personal Training business. The software allows me to design programs, track clients progress and brings a more professional presence to my training. Clients love being able to have access to their own programs and seeing all their personal best records. I highly recommend AccelerWare to Personal Trainers who want to provide a quality and professional service to their clients.

Jason Kelly

Recharge Personal Training

I love my software because it helps me run an efficient booking service especially with our online enrolments for classes and calendar and helps cut down on admin time.

Therese Reeves

Physiotherapy Posture & Pilates

Accelerware has been a great addition to my Personal Training business. The software allows me to design programs, track clients progress and brings a more professional presence to my training. Clients love being able to have access to their own programs and seeing all their personal best records. I highly recommend Accelerware to Personal Trainers who want to provide a quality and professional service to their clients.

Kali Harmen

Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Strategist

The new Accelerware software has improved my sports performance company Sports Mindset tremendously. It's well organized, easy for my trainers to navigate when designing programs, and my clients love it!! I highly recommend Accelerware for anyone looking to improve the quality of their fitness program designing for clients and athletes of all levels.

Aja Parham

Head Trainer of Sports Mindset

Accelerware is so accessible, if you forget your book or CD, then you have nothing but having it available on the Internet allows for easy access almost everywhere you go.

University of Technology Sydney student

Besides the quality of the Accelerware software itself, Stew was a great resource as we got started and learned a new software system. There were countless emails with a long list of questions that he announced promptly, and numerous Skype sessions and other video meetings where he demonstrated several features of the software and helped us troubleshoot. During this initial learning phase, he was very patient.

In addition, we have requested several customization and he and the staff have done a tremendous job working with us to optimize our screen displays and features. Overall, our use of Accelerware is still relatively new but it has definitely streamlined our procedures to register, schedule, test, train and educate our athletes. We can easily track athletes from everything from demographics to training sessions to testing results to video analysis to financial aspects. It serves very much like an electronic medical record for the athlete - all in one system. It also makes our program look and feel very professional.

Joe Eisenmann

PhD, Director of the Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program, Michigan State University

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