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6 Efficient Clinic MUST HAVES | Sustainable Workplace

Convert to a sustainable business practice that will in turn, make your business more efficient.

There is nothing worse than coming out of a consultation or meeting with more hours of paperwork to do instead of more time with a client or patient. That is why it is important to eliminate any double handling and improve the efficiencies of your systems to make it the most streamlined and sustainable process possible.

Professionals like exercise physiologists spend too much time doing paperwork – period.

This makes it essential to have a system that is fool proof to avoid information slipping through cracks of your software.


From years of working with exercise physiologists, I know that their use excess use of paper can slow down their service and operations. With that in mind, the most important operations to run digitally are:

  • Quickly getting someone’s details without them having to write down their information when they arrive for their first session.

  • Having the calendar system automatically linked to the claiming system for speedy and efficient payment.

  • Easy recording of consultation notes which leads directly into generating a letter

  • Submit a claim and get paid in a timely fashion without having to struggle with a clunky software

We teamed up with several of the original Australian exercise physiologists to create a step by step process that would allow an exercise physiologist and other professionals to:

1. Receive a referral

- To remain paper free, referrals are now able to be automatically emailed to the receiving person/your office.

2. Book in an appointment

-A client appointment can be made at the click of a button where you're able to select which physiologist connected to them and set up reminders to email clients before a session.

3. Take Consultation Notes

- Consultation notes should be made easy and accessible through digitally documenting client's information as well as keeping their health history safe.

4. Give access to a program instantly

(Click image for more info)

- When a recovery program for instance needs to be sent to a client, past programs that are stored in your system can be quickly added to the customer's follow-up emails.

5. Generate a Letter to the Referring Doctor and send it immediately

- Generating and sending a referral can be completed through emailing the practice instantly after a client's session, saving paper and time.

6. Send a claim to Medicare or wait and send a batch at the end of the day or week.

- Complying and sending a Medicare batch has never been easier where all the client appointments have been collected on the same page to create a simple list of claims everyday.

Why are these efficiencies important?

It decreases the amount of paper you use as well as create your processes more efficient and concise. You'll have more time to spend on other important things.

From experience, your satisfaction with work will increase and you'll will be able to expand your business easier. As the number of patients increases the amount of paperwork will not increase exponentially. It becomes reassuring that you can expand your business without it costing you a fortune.

Contact us if you have any questions about these features

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